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Campus basketball record

Good basketball words good basketball words

2022-06-26 03:04Campus basketball record
Summary: Good words and sentences for playing basketballGood words include: slash, pick, pass, buckle, hot pot, cut, etc. The good sentences are: (1) "at the moment of throwing the basketball, the basketbal
Good words and sentences for playing basketball
Good words include: slash, pick, pass, buckle, hot pot, cut, etc. The good sentences are: (1) "at the moment of tGood basketball words  good basketball wordshrowing the basketball, the basketball draws a beautiful arc in the air," Shua! " Join the network! " (2) His face was red, his hands were holding the ball, and his arms were swinging from side to sideGood words and sentences about playing basketball
He'Good basketball words  good basketball words; s everywhere. He sucks Playing badly he&\39; s XXX killer. He is the killer of XXX team he&\39; s on fire./ the whole team is on fire. Great defenseGood words and sentences on the basketball court
Like lightning, she bypassed a defender, raised the ball with both hands, jumped up, and pitched the ball into the basket accurately. My basketball skills are not very good. However, since I saw Yao Ming's natural and unrestrained appearance on TV, I have been crazy about playing basketball. At this timeA good sentence about playing basketball
Basketball in his hands kept beating back and forth, his eyes rolling, looking for a "breakthrough" opportunity. Suddenly he quickened his pace, turning left and right for a while, rushed through two layers of defense and came to the basket. He jumped and turned around to shoot. TGood basketball words  good basketball wordshe basketball drew a beautiful arc in the airWrite good sentences about playing basketball
Basketball is still turning at the fingertips. My eyes have already passed through the basket to score. I repressed my mood and recalled that I used to be like a shadow left by a meteor across the sky. The dazzling light has been replayed and lost its way in the morning fog. I continue to roar as fast as a cheetah. I keep moving forward for the ruinsGood sentences and words in basketball composition
One day in the summer vacation, my brother and his classmates went to the playground of the middle school to play basketball. My brother and I, together with one of his classmates, are in a group of three. Because my brother is not tall, I let him be a striker. Our score fell behind when the game began. Because we always can't get the basketball and make mistakes again and againA good sentence about basketball
In the second half, the players competed with each other. Some were sweating, some were flushed, and some were too tired to run. HeGood basketball words  good basketball wordsre we go. We're in the one pointer position. I shoot first. I held up the basketball and aimed at the basketball rack to throw, Dong... When..., the ballGood sentences for playing basketball
Now, playing basketball has become a part of my life. In physical education class, I will play basketball in my free activities. Every weekend, my cousin will take me to his school to play basketballGood words and sentences about playing basketball
We are divided into two teams, team a and team B. I am the captain of team A. when we were playing basketball, the ball was snatched back by our team members as soon as team B grabbed it. Liumingxuan of our team jumped up and threw a ball. Team B followed suit and scored a goal. Both of our teams are playing hardWrite good words about playing basketball
When the last second fast break shot, all the pulse stopped breathing. Look at me. When that ball broke through the net, you don't dodge. My action is to let you know that my world is up to me. I don't want to quit. I won't end my all-out effort. This step needs to be faster and higher. If I can't stop, I need to be faster
Good basketball words good basketball words

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