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Playing basketball thumb slightly worse than before

2022-06-26 01:54Campus basketball record
Summary: Playing basketball with a crooked thumb (experienced players)If you can still move, there's no big problem. It's just a ligament injury and a slight dislocation of the joints. It may be that the
Playing basketball with a crooked thumb (experienced players)
If you can still move, there's no big problem. It's just a ligament injury and a slight dislocation of the joints. It may be that the little thumb is a litPlaying basketball thumb  slightly worse than beforetle thinner, which is a little more serious than before. I used to play basketball. When I was grabbing the ball on the ground, my thumb and index finger were hit by someone else's knee. Playing basketball thumb  slightly worse than beforeIt was very serious. The muscles at the root of my fingers were very swollenPlaying basketball, the second joint of the little thumb can be bent. It doesn't move and doesn't hurt. What should I do if it hurts
This is the rhythm of cartilage contusion, and it is also the cartilage on the lateral side of the joint. Fortunately, it is not a key part such as the knee. When the little finger is injured and calmed down, it will subside. The cartilage has a certain chance to recover slowly
Why does the little thumb of your right hand hurt every time you play basketball
Playing basketball with finger or ankle injuries is a common thing, so we are required to protect ourselves as much as possible in the process of playing basketball. The reason you said that the little thumb hurts may be because the little thumb has been injured before and has not healed. You can give the little thumb more massage, exercise, or apply some anti swelling and analgesic drugsHow to do when the little finger nail cover of the foot finger is off when playing basketball
How did the fingernail of the little thumb that plays basketball to hit toe take off to do? Pay attention to inflammation. It's better to buy some anti-inflammatory potions and bandage them so as to recover faster and invest in the next basketball match. Hope to adopt. 201316
Play basketball little thumb pestle swollen very badly how to do
Apply it with ice and then go to the hospital. Don't take it seriously. My fingerPlaying basketball thumb  slightly worse than befores are all clubbed now. I didn't care at that time. It's easy to get injured when playing now, and I can't use too much forceHow did you do when your little thumb sprained and swelled up
If there is no bone injury, the following treatment is not a big problem: find ice for cold compress as soon as possible to reduce swelling. If there is no ice, buy a popsicle instead. Keep the injured finger upright and fix it with a fingerboard if possible. Do not exercise before recovery to avoid injury to finger jointsPlaying basketball, the little thumb joint was poked and swollen by the basketball, which was a little outrageous! It hasn't been detumescence for several years. What should I do
Landlord: basketball injuries are very common, but we must deal with your situation in a timely and correct manner. It should be the sequela of "eating carrots", but we should pay attention to it if the swelling hasn't subsided for so long (generally, we should go to see it if it hasn't subsided for 2 days). Go to the hospital for examination, otherwise your thumb may affect your quality of life in the future. NormalHow did you do when playing basketball and bumping your little thumb
Don't always ruPlaying basketball thumb  slightly worse than beforeb and move, it will only aggravate. In general, it is to apply cold compress quickly after injury to keep the joints motionless. Let the blood vessels solidify quickly so that they won't swell too much. Then after 24 hours or 48 hours (depending on the severity, your 24 hours is enough), you can start hot compress, add medicine or massage to promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis. ThisWhen playing basketball, carelessness leads to swelling and pain of the right little thumb, which can not be straightened
It's also the case that normal fingers touch the ball. Playing basketball is the most vulnerable minor injury. It's OK. It'll be OK in a few days. It's swollen. If you feel it's slow, you can rub it with safflower oil or spray Yunnan Baiyao
My little thumb is swollen when I play basketball
I haven't played basketball for a long time. It's easy to touch basketball suddenly. It will be all right after a period of time. At first, I should apply cold compress to reduce blood circulation. In this way, the degree of swelling of my little thumb will be much smaller. After two days, I apply hot compress to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis
Playing basketball thumb slightly worse than before

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