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Playing basketball on finger joints

2022-06-24 21:11Campus basketball record
Summary: Play basketball to hurt finger joint, how should doIt should not be a fracture, otherwise it would have been unbearable for a long time. It may be a soft tissue contusion. You often encounter minor in
Play basketball to hurt finger joint, how should do
It should not be a fracture, otherwise it would have been unbearable for a long time. It may be a soft tissue contusion. You often encounter minor injuries when playing basketball. The hospital will prepare you with ointment and go back to wipe it. Don't play until now to avoid aggravation. If you accidentally hurt yourself later, you should immediately apply ice to slow down the blood flow and reduce the degree of injury. After 2
How did you bruise your finger joints when playing basketball
In this case, if the finger joint is bruised, the main reason is that I am not familiar with the ball and the ball feeling is not very good. Generally, it is easy to be bruised when passing and dribbling. If I play more, I can reduce the number of good ball feelPlaying basketball on finger jointsings. It's not easy to happen when you have a setback on each fingerHow to treat quickly when playing basketball with swollen finger joints
Ice can be applied within half a day before swelling. Cool water can be used to prevent swelling. If swelling occurs, you can wipe safflower oil and apply it with a hot towel to reduce the swelling. In fact, if your fingers are used to it, it will be fast. It has been several days for the first time
Play basketball finger joint pestle, how to treat
Try to be more comfortable. Go back to find some potions. Safflower oil and Yunnan Baiyao will do. If you have finger protection, try to wear it. It can play a certain role in fixing and protecting, so that your fingers can recover better. It's normal for your fingers to poke at the ball. If you play for a long time, your fingers will develop a sense of the ballHow did playing basketball finger poke hurt joint place swollen still have ecchymosis to do
Finger stabbing can be divided into five types according to the degree. 1. sprain, 2 Dislocation, 3 Fracture, 4 Tendon rupture, 5 Bruise (split skin). The first three can be treated with external application of bone injury drugs. The latter two kinds of surgical suture treatment. Some fractures are actually avulsion fracturesSwelling of finger joints in basketball playing
Joint swelling and pain: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that due to injury and strain or exogenous wind, cold and dampness evil, the disease enters the collaterals, and flows into the joints to suppress Qi and blood. Wind evil and water dampness take advantage of the deficiency and invade the tendons and arteries to block their meridians. If they are closed, they will be blocked, and if they are blPlaying basketball on finger jointsocked, they will be painful. If they are painful for a long time, they will be painful. If they are painful for a long time, they will be swollen, and if they are swollen for a long time, they will be hot. This is the imbalance of yin and Yang andIt will take several days to recover from the swollen joint of the finger that was hit while playing basketball
3 aPlaying basketball on finger jointsbout three times a day, with 2 methods, you can recover within one week at the latest. 4 pay attention not to let the wound touch cold water during medication, otherwise the joint will swell for a long time after treatment. Haha, I am also a basketball fan. It's understandable that I was injured when playing basketball. The key is to make relevant preparations before playingHow to recover quickly when the finger joint is swollen and swollen when playing basketball
When you are 24 hours old, you can rub some medicine that can invigorate the muscles and bones with medicinal wine ~ often apply hot compress, which can disperse the congestion. When you're free, you can also press it and rub it. In this way, you'll be fine in a few days. Remember, don't play again after the injury. It's easy to aggravate the injuryWhy does the joint between fingers ache after playing basketball
In the outpatient service, it is not uncommon for friends to come to see a doctor because of finger joint pain. Some people hit their fingers when playing basketball, causing pain and swelling at the same time; Some people get up in the morning and find that their fingers are stiffWhy does the finger joint become bigger when playing basketball? More details
The movement of playing ball often will make the ligaments at the joints get exercise, and they will be thickened today, but there will never be any obvious changes. Your finger joints will be stronger than those who do not exercise often. If it is twisted, the finger joint will swell. If it is not completely absorbed after the swelling is reduced, Playing basketball on finger jointsthe finger joint will become larger
Playing basketball on finger joints

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