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Campus basketball record

Interesting composition about playing basketball

2022-06-24 19:01Campus basketball record
Summary: Basketball compositionAfter a while, some adults said that they would play the game. Because I was young, they wouldn't let me play. I wouldn't do it. They just had to play. I had no choice but
Basketball composition
After a while, some adults said that they would play the game. Because I Interesting composition about playing basketballwas young, they wouldn't let me play. I wouldn't do it. They just had to play. I had no choice but to let me playA composition about playing basketball
You should write it yourself. Only in this way can you improve and develop. If you don't have anything to write, it's easy. FinInteresting composition about playing basketballd a few people or go to the basketball court to play. If you don't want to play, this game will be the capital of your life. When playing, you should use your brain. If you want to know how to be happy when playing, how can you be happyComposition: an interesting basketball game 400 words to write an outstanding scene
My after-school life is rich and colorful, including playing basketball, playing table tennis, swimming, etc. my favorite is playing basketball. Let me introduce an interesting basketball game to you. After school this afternoon, the weather was sunny and the sky was cloudless. We held a very interesting basketball game on the playgroundA composition about an interesting story that happened while playing basketball 300
As the saying goes: "life lies in sports." In this sunset shrouded evening, accompanied by a few clear calls of birds returning to their nests, they enjoy the last trace of residual temperature brought by the sun. I came to the basketball court with a relaxed pace, but I was secretly determined to fight with my father. The game began. I handled the ball skillfully and played in theA composInteresting composition about playing basketballition about the fun of playing basketball
But I have something I always adhere to, my biggest hobby___ For me, basketball is not tall, its bounce is getting worse year by year, and the hospital team also plays as a substitute, which is not enough to dispel my love for itZhou Ji wrote 500 words of playing basketball in an interesting thing
"I... yes..." I didn't know how to say it to a stranger. I was a little incoherent. "You see, these fitness equipment are so simple and boring. Let's go to the basketball couInteresting composition about playing basketballrt and play basketball!" I just wanted to say no, so he pulled me straight to the basketball courtThe composition about playing basketball
There are 6 articles for reference: 1 Last night, I went to Shuangliu middle school to play basketball as usual. When I came to the familiar basketball court, I began to shoot. I raised the ball, aimed it at the basketball frame, threw it up with a force, released my hand, and the ball immediately "ran" to the basketball frame like lightningWonderful moment composition 600 words playing basketball
The bell of the fifth grade basketball match is ringing. This afternoon, another basketball match will be held. The players have already been ready on the basketball court. They are all rubbing their hands and waiting for the match. "Toot -" a whistle sounded, and the whole audience was shocked. Suddenly, the cry of "come on" sounded, and the athletes were like tigers descending the mountainI am looking for a composition about playing basketball. It should have a detailed description and write out my excited mood
Today is a sunny day. In this beautiful day, the basketball game held by the school reached the last moment. After several rounds of hard work by the players, class 5 (5) and class 5 (3) finally entered the finals. Just walked into the playground, saw a sea of people, surrounded the stadium. All the members of our team are full of fighting spiritA meaningful basketball match 600 words composition 600 words

Interesting composition about playing basketball

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