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Playing basketball in the near future

2022-06-23 20:12Campus basketball record
Summary: Recently, the psychology of playing basketball is very depressed. Can't you always play well? What is there to restore self-confidenceI had a similar experience, but later I became the main force o
Recently, the psychology of playing basketball is very depressed. Can't you always play well? What is there to restore self-confidence
I had a similar experience, but later I became the main force of our school team. Here are my methods. I hope they can help you. 1. I often watch some NBA essence videos, such as blocks and dunks. These are very popular, can mobilize passion; 2. play more at ordinary times. If it's one personI am tired of playing basketball recently
There is a certain relationship. Playing basketball is also a way to exercise. If you don't play basketball for a long time, it is not appropriate to play basketball for a long time. If you feel tired, you should rest. Slowly increasing the exercise time is also helpful to your bodyWhat if I don't feel comfortable playing basketball recently
The main reason is lack of self-confidence. You should practice more, take a deep breath on the court, calm down and slowly adjust to find your feelings. At the same time, you should find your own shortcomings in the process of playing, and strive to change so as to improve yourself! This feeling will come backRecently, my leg hurts when I play basketball. Is it too much exercise? How long is the best time to exercise every day_ Baidu
If it is muscle soreness, it is caused by the high amount of exercise and the inability of muscles to decompose an acid produced by exercise. Light exercise and rest can alleviate the symptom. If it is below the muscles or the knee bones that have pain, it is body wear. You should stop exercise and seek medical advice. Proper intake of a little more protein can help muscle recoveryRecently, I often feel knee pain when playing basketball. Is this caused by inattention in sports
How does the knee ache when playing basketball? When playing basketball, it is easy to cause bone and joint injuries. Playing basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise, including many take-off, fall and sharp turn movements. The implementation of these movements is a great test for the knee. Falling, pulling and excesPlaying basketball in the near futuresive twisting, etcI feel weak playing basketball recently
Because I haven't played for a long time, the ball feeling and proficiency will decline. In addition, my physical quality will also decline, and my explosive power, flexibility and coordination will also decline! Think of professional basketball players who need a long time of training to recover after a period of injuryRecently, I poPlaying basketball in the near futureked the handle of playing basketball. It was very swollen. I applied it with ice within 1 hour, but it was still very swollen. What should I do
Try to reduce activities and avoid massage. It's best to go to the hospital and take an X-ray to see if there is any fracture. If not, according to your description, the symptoms are not tooPlaying basketball in the near future serious. After 24 hours, you can apply hot compress and plaster. After soaking your hands, you can apply a plaster that can promote blPlaying basketball in the near futureood circulation and remove blood stasis. For example, I often use Qizheng elastic Xiaotong Plaster, and it will heal in a few daysI often play basketball recently. Maybe too many. I always feel pain on both sides of the lower leg
This is caused by excessive muscle fatigue. Doing appropriate muscle relaxation exercises (lying flat on the bed, letting another person put one foot on your muscle pain, and then shaking at a faster frequency) and then having a good sleep can help reduce the painI am 17 years old and have recently started playing basketball. I want to know some related skills
When playing, we usually say "hot hands". In fact, this is the so-called movement state. When you are hot hands, you feel how to throw and how to enter, jump higher than before, and concentrate more than before. At this time, you will be very calm, can avoid cover and take other defensive actions, and make reasonable technical actions according to your body's instinctive response. This is a manifestation of normal motor functionRecently, when playing basketball, I always feel that the ankle muscles are very hard and the flexibility is very poor. How do I need to exercise to improve that
I have also had this kind of situation because you didn't make full preparations before playing. Usually, you should rub your ankles and do some ankle exercises, such as rope skipping and ankle hooping, which will soon be OK
Playing basketball in the near future

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