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Playing basketball Dooku's combination is stronger

2022-06-23 12:02Campus basketball record
Summary: Durant and curry won the NBA championship in 2018. Were they strongIt was the last game, so Dooku's combination was stronger. In terms of defense ability, Dooku's combination is worse than Zhan
Durant and curry won the NBA championship in 2018. Were they strong
It was the last game, so Dooku's combination was stronger. In terms of defense ability, Dooku's combination is worse than Zhan Wei's. at the peak, James' defense is stronger than Durant's. it goes without saying that Wade is more capable of sudden attack and defense. If he plays against curry, curry is likely to be prevented. From this point of view, two pairsWhat are the "second to the Millennium" athletes
Lin Dan is the Grand Slam champion, and lizongwei is the runner up of the Grand Slam. Therefore, many people think lizongwei is the most sad person, and soPlaying basketball  Dooku's combination is strongerme people even shout for him that "he Shengliang is born with Yu". In Rio 2016, lizongwei finally defeated Lin Dan, but failed to win Chen long. After all, I am old enough to be honestDid Du Feng play well in the player era
Du Feng is different from Li Nan, who is strong and good at three points. Du Feng is thin but has amazing bounce and runs very fast. Du Feng is not only a mid-range pitcher, but also a basket finisher. He has accurate mid-range pitches, flexible offensive actions under the basket, and active rebound fighting. He can not only play inside, but also pull out long-range shotsWhy are many young players in Guangdong men's basketball team so mature
At presenPlaying basketball  Dooku's combination is strongert, the main players in the team are Yi Jianlian, renjunfei, Zhao Rui, WEIMS and Ma Shang, plus Zhou Peng who is recovering from injury. Apart from Zhao Rui, these players are all experienced veterans. They have been playing for many years with outstanding strength. Young players gain experience in playing with veteran players, rather than relyPlaying basketball  Dooku's combination is strongering solely on them. YesDurant, how's it going
NBA stars Durant and Wei Shao have a very good relationship. They are two very good friends. They often exercise and play basketball together in privateI want to choose between Kobe 9 and Du 6 elite and Du 6 ordinary version. I don't often play basketball. Du 6 elite's full-length air cushion
To tell you the truth, nike kobe 9 and kd6 are well fitting shoes, which are very good to wear. It mainly depends on where the building is located. The cement ground is Kobe 9. KD I have worn out the cement ground in a month (every day). The built-in air cushion of Kobe 9 is not so easy to explode. I hope it can help youDufeng's early experience
Dufeng's basketball career is full of ups and downs. When he was in primary school, Du Feng practiced speed skating and high jump. Unexpectedly, when he was in middle school, he fell in love with playing basketball. He almost got brushed off because he was not tall enough. Dufeng applied for basketball major in Xinjiang sports school when he was a sophomore in junior high school. At that time, Dufeng was the shortest among all the students who applied for the exam, with a height of 1.78 metersTop ten basketball players in the world
Michael Jordan, Jordan for short. Born on February 17th, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA, he is a former professional basketball player in the NBA. His main position is shooting guard or small forward. The back number of his jersey is No. 23. He is known as "flying man in the air"I once saw a very funny article in the bud. Play basketball
(1: dumeijing is supervising Zhao and Zhao on the court. 3: Chen Tian competes with Zhao. 4: stands on the playground with her right hand to watch them play. 4: dumeijing also pitches near the basket from time to time. 5: when the sun goes down, the sky is red.) Zhao's aside: these days' training has made me tired physically and mentally, but when I set foot on the basketPlaying basketball  Dooku's combination is strongerball court, everything was fine
Playing basketball Dooku's combination is stronger

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