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Play basketball hat

2022-06-23 04:48Campus basketball record
Summary: What does a basketball hat meanWhen an attacker shoots a shot, the defender tries to knock the ball out of the air. Chinese slang "hot pot", English "block shot". Many people who can play
What does a basketball hat mean
When an attacker shoots a shot, the defender tries to knock the ball out of the air. Chinese slang "hot pot", English "block shot". Many people who can play basketball call themselves blockers, but few of them are true. This happens in the street or in regular gamesOn the basketball court, I was half a head shorter than that man, and I looked thin, but I gave the right
You think too much. Play basketball on the basketball court. It is normal to be hooded or to risk others. Don't be so narrow-minded. Because of the game on the court, the timing changes instantly. So it's normal to be blocked or blocked when shooting. Not as you thinkWhat does a big hat mean in a basketball game
The pitching was covered
How can you block a hat in basketball
4. Personal experience I like the one under the block basket at the back. Needless to say, he wants to get strong under the basket. You don't have to jump when you see that you just slap and jump. Many people usually do a few fake moves after taking the ball under the basket. You don't jump. Stand behind him and hold your hand straight until the ball rises and falls. EncounteredWhy is blocking called " Cover hot pot " Ah
It is a kind of high-level and difficult basketball technical and tactical action. The audiPlay basketball hatence likes it, the fans like it, and the team needs it. It can mobilize the atmosphere on the court. "Blocks" - translated into Chinese as "cap", "cap", "cap", "hot pot", "hot pot", "cap", "cap", etcHow to block and defend people in basketball
Hehe, I only have 173, but I'm good at blocking. Although there is a great relationship between block and bounce, the more important thing is judgment. And if you look at the game carefully, like the deleted hat, it is usually a block block for defense, and it is not easy to block the hat alone. Judge first when assisting in defenseBasketball block technique
The skills of blocking in basketball are as follows: if you want to block in the fan-shaped area, you can't be too far away from the other team's ball bearer. The best defensive distance is within the sector defensive range. Within this range, the success rate of blocking will be relatively high. A beautiful block is enough to reverse the situation and give the other party a pPlay basketball hatsychological blowHow to seize the shot blocking opportunity when playing basketball
Avoid being confused by fake actions. If you want to block a shot when the opponent is shooting, the opponent is likely to miss a shot and confuse you with fake moves. Make a good judgment in advance. Don't jump up easily, or you will be exploited by the other party. For example, if the other side throws the basketball up at random, it is definitely not a shot, so don't jump upHow to improve basketball blocking consciousness
It's easy to meet a pitcher. I stood first to make him feel that I'm far away and that he has enough shooting space. Then I suddenly putPlay basketball hat a big hat in front of him. When the opponent plays the basket in 1 defense, it's also very good. I can feel the continuity of the opponent's actions from physical contact and predict the shoPlay basketball hatoting time of the opponentAbout hard caps
NBA is very difficult, especially James. When others attack, they are still a few meters in front. When they accelerate and take off, they are a big hat. That requires super explosive power. We don't have that kind of body. If we want to block the hat vigorously and fan others, we need good prediction. In short, we have already taken off and waited for the hat in the air
Play basketball hat

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