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Played basketball if faster

2022-06-28 07:04Campus basketball record
Summary: What if you get hit by basketballBeing hit to the head by basketball is actually a heavy impact, because basketball has a certain quality. If it is hit to the head quickly, it will be injured. Therefo
What if you get hit by basketball
Being hit to the head by basketball is actually a heavy impact, because basketball has a certain quality. If it is hit to the head quickly, it will be injured. Therefore, if it is hit to the head, it is best to stop the game, have a simple examination, and if necessary, go to the hospital for treatmentWhen playing basketball, I was hit by basketball to my testicle. It was very painful at that time. I will be fine in a few minutes. What's up
Generally, it's not a big problem. If you have a strange feeling or are really worried, take a film to eliminate it. After all, it's a very important partI hit my finger when playing basketball
The force acts on the flesh under the fingernail of the index finger, causing the flesh to be pulled between the fingernail. In my experience, it's not a big problem. It will be fine in a few days. It's the so-called "ten fingers linked to one heart", so it will hurt. It is suggested that warming up when playing basketball in winter is not easy to get injured, especially knuckles and anklesWhich NBA superstars are forced to play basketball
As aPlayed basketball  if faster result, a typhoon destroyed Duncan's training place at the age of 13, and Duncan dared not go to the seaside for training because he was afraid of sharks, so Duncan's family proposed that such a tall man siPlayed basketball  if fastermply play basketball, so Duncan accidentally became the greatest power forward in NBA historyHow to know if you are secretly loved by a basketball player
Can be found through chat. If a basketball player has a crush on you, he usually asks you to come to see him play or often chats with you. Being secretly in love is a beautiful thing. If he asks you to watch him play, it can help him buy water and improve his favor for youHit the head by basketball`
Headache may be caused by stimulation of meninges and increased tension caused by vasoconstriction. It may also be a signal from the brain that we are short of oxygen and need more oxygen. As long as the blood containing a lot of oxygen flows into the painful place, the headache will disappear immediately. However, we must find out what causes the headache in order to solve the headache problemIs there anything wrong with being injured in the head by basketball
Because basketball is round and a sphere, it will play a certain buffer role when hitting the head, so it is generally not good. If it is a severe concussion, but you will faint or do not remember what happened at that time. Since it is the afternoon, this possibility is ruled out; If it is a slight concussion, you will feel a little nauseous and have an appetiteWhat if you hit your finger when playing basketball
This condition belongs to acute soft tissue injury, which is mainly caused by ligament, fascia and other tissue injuries. Cold compress, Yunnan Baiyao spray, bed rest, raising the affected limb and so on can be applied within 24 hours. After 24 hours, local hot compress physiotherapy, external use of Huoluo oil, safflower oil, etc. Appropriate oral drugs for promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and curing injuriesHow to play basketball by pushing your fingers
First: being poked by a basketball finger will cause redness, swelling, heat and pain. At this time, do not use drugs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Stop playing at the first time, and then apply cold compress with ice cubes or ice bags. If you can't find ice bags, soak them in cold water. Second: after 24 hours, you can use ointment, spray and other drugs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. IfHit in the eye by basketball
Recently, there is less Internet access. Protect your eyes. You can use hot compress every day to promote blood circulation. Recently, your intraocular pressure is a little high, so you feel that your eyesight has decreased. Played basketball  if fasterYou will be fine when you fully recover. In addition, you can close your eyes every night and make your eyes move up, down, left and rigPlayed basketball  if fasterht. It is also a good way to play basketball. 1 Brow bone
Played basketball if faster

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