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Campus basketball record

Zhou Ji can play basketball

2022-06-22 20:09Campus basketball record
Summary: Looking for a weekly record of playing basketball, 500 words, online, etcIn junior high school physical education, you can play basketball. At the beginning, some girls have the same hobbies as me, bu
Looking for a weekly record of playing basketball, 500 words, online, etc
In junior high school physical education, you can play basketball. At the beginning, some girls have the same hobbies as me, but more girls are afraid of basketball. They pass the ball to herZhou Ji can play basketball and never dare to catch the ball directly. They must wait until the ball hits the ground and bounces up. If they are hit by the ball once, they will never dare to pZhou Ji can play basketballlay basketball again. If you fall downAsk Zhou Ji can play basketballfor a composition of about 400 words, which is written by Zhou Ji. Just play basketball
The ball passed out. The opponent who got the ball immediately shot, "Dong -" and the ball bounced back on the backboard. "Toot -" the whistle sounded at the end of the audience. In a physical education class on Friday, Mr. Yuan asked the boys to play basketball in groups of three. Whichever team is two balls ahead will win. SoonWinter vacation weekly basketball 300 words
I'm also a basketball fan. Have you ever seen someone play basketball beforZhou Ji can play basketballe dawn and don't even eat breakfast? I'm sure you haven't seen it yet, but I am such a person. One day, you only see a person playing basketball alone in a community in the middle of the night. Needless to sayZhou Ji wrote a basketball game in physical education class in 600 words
On Friday, the school's athletes organized a wonderful basketball game. The blue team was led by the sports Commissioner, while the red team was selected from each class to play basketball. As soon as the two teams appeared on the playground, many spectators were excited. The scene was very grand. When the long whistle sounded, the game beganI like playing basketball with 200 words
I'm glad to answer for you. I learned to play basketball. My family bought basketball. I'm very happy I wanted to buy it since I was a child, but my mother had to buy it for me My dream is to become a basketball player like Yao MingWho can help me write a weekly record about playing basketball, 600 words
As soon as we asked, we knew that they all entered through the wall. We also decided to go over the wall and score the goal. It was easy to complete the first step of the trouble. The sun can play basketball after the storm! There are few people on this court. Let's shoot first. Of course, my skills are not as good as my uncle, so I lost every game to him by oneortwo goalsA weekly record of playing basketball
The fun of playing basketball I am a sports enthusiast, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton... Are all my favorite sports Among them, basketball is my favorite sport, because it brings me endless funZhou Ji I'm playing ball Write an article in 90 words
The square is under closed management. It is open to the public from Monday to Saturday. In the morning and evening, people often walk and run around the square and on the runway, or take a rest on the chair under the big tree. It is stipulated in the square that people are not allowed to enter the grassland, but some people still can't resist the temptation of the grassland and always involuntarily go inside to play ball and playA weekly record of campus basketball match
Glory and dream - I am crazy about basketball. I remember when I stepped into the campus on the first day, I saw several big brothers in Grade 6 playing basketball on the playground. At that time, I didn't understand why they fought so hard for a ball? Got it and threw it right away? I didn't know until later that it was called a dunkZhou Ji wrote 500 words of playing basketball in an interesting thing
I just wanted to say no, so he pulled me straight to the basketball court. I was amazed and ashamed of the speed! But I can't play basketball! It's such a long way. It's only a few minutes away
Zhou Ji can play basketball

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