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The verb to play basketball

2022-06-27 14:01Campus basketball record
Summary: What verb should I use to play basketballGood luck or shooting. English is playWhat is the English for playing basketballThe English for playing basketball is: play basketball. Some fixed collocations
What verb should I use to play basketball
Good luck or shooting. English is play
What iThe verb to play basketballs the English for playing basketball
The English for playing basketball is: play basketball. Some fixed collocations about playing basketball. 1.play for basketball; To play basketball; Play basketball. 2.i play the basketball. 3.play basketballPlaying basketball means noun and verb + noun in Chinese. I want to play basketball here
Playing basketball is an verb object phrase. Verb object phrases can be used as objects. Strictly speaking, Da is a verb indicating a dominant relationship; Basketball is played, so it is a noun. There are many forms of verb object phrasesVerbs of the process of playing basketball
Step 1: learning to dribble is the basic of playing basketball. First of all, take a basketball to practice shooting. After you are proficient in shooting, try to walk while shooting. After you are proficient in shooting and walking, you can run while shooting. Practice the movements of one hand first, and then practice the other hand after you are proficient in one handThe little boy is playing basketball? Can't repeat
The little boy played basketball skillfully on the court. I saw the basThe verb to play basketballketball turn from his right haThe verb to play basketballnd to his left hand. For a while, he clapped the ball with one hand, dribbled the ball under his crotch, pulled the ball sideways, shook his body around and around, and made a pass with the ball. For a while, he threw the The verb to play basketballball across the basket in three steps, and for a while, he slammed the ball under the basketPlay basketball with a series of verbs
On Sunday morning, my father took me to play basketball. We came to the basketball court of the experimental primary school. My father first taught me how to throw the ball before I could hit it. I threw a ball like my father but didn't score. I was not convinced and threw another one but still didn't score. Then I repeated the way my father taught meHow to play basketball
Go to play basketball it's a nice day, let&\39; s go to playing basketball. Go play basketballHow to play basketball in English
Playing basketball translates into play basketball. Example: we play basketball only on thursday We only play basketball on Thursday. I like to play basketball. I want to play basketball nowVerbs for playing basketball
Play basketball
The English for "playing basketball" is "play basketball"& quot; play" It can be used as a transitive verb to express the same. match; Play (games, etc.); Play (the ball); Kick (a ball); Play (cards); She can play tennis as well as basketball She can also play basketball and tennis
The verb to play basketball

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