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A bit of a basketball player

2022-06-27 07:57Campus basketball record
Summary: Is it normal to play basketball with some movementIt is normal that there is no great physical conflictWhat should I pay attention to when playing basketballDon't block the opposite ball with your
Is it normal to play basketball with some movement
It is normal that there is no great physical conflict
What should I pay attention to when playing basketball
Don't block the opposite ball with your face. In order to succeed, the opponent will be very fast, so it is easy to be injured when hitting the opponent. When you defend, you may hit your face, and you may be injured when the bridge of your nose and eyebrow bone are broken. So don't work too hard. Basketball is just a sport. Young people are very active in all kinds of functionsWhat are thA bit of a basketball playere advantages of playing basketball
Advantages of playing basketball 1 Expand the social circle. A person who is at home and doesn't know how to socialize can easily make friends by playing basketball. 2. vent your emotions. When you are depressed, playing a basketball game heartily can relieve your unhappiness. 3. playing basketball often is good for your health. BonesWhat should we pay attention to when playing basketball
When dribbling, take the elbow as the axis, and the forearm follows the basketball. The highest ball reaches the elbow joint, that is, the forearm and the ground are parallel to each other. The hands are separated, the fingers are upward, and the two hands are facing each other, not exceeding the diameter. When passing, the thumb, index finger and middle finger move the basketball and rotate the hand. When receiving the ball, you should master the landing point and after receiving the ballWhat are the advantages of a basketball player
Playing basketball is very physical exercise, so people who play basketball are generally stronger than others; As basketbA bit of a basketball playerall is a collective sport, it needs the cooperation of players, so such people have certain cooperation ability and collective sense of honor; In addition, a strong will is also possessed by such people
Playing basketball has some advantages
It can exercise, relax, and help to increaseWhat are the benefits of playing basketball
To strengthen the physique and cultivate interest, basketball is a good sport. People who often play basketball are healthy. 1. playing basketball doesn't just use your A bit of a basketball playerbody and skills. Sometimes you need your wisdom to think or judge. When you are playing basketball, if you have a clear mindThere are some problems in playing basketball
Good dribbling is the foundation, but it can't be a meal. Who plays basketball with you? Basically, it's an acceleration, and you'll pass in a change of direction, so you need to practice your explosive power. And you are too thin, so there is no confrontation. Playing in college, your body is very important. It is too difficult to play without confrontation. InstituteWhat are the advantages of playing basketball
What are the advantages of playing basketball
Basketball is a very antagonistic sport. Because of its strong antagonism, it is especially popular among teenagers. The effects of regular basketball playing on the body are mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) strengthA bit of a basketball playerening the cardiopulmonary function. Regular and moderate basketball playing plays a good role in the human body's sports system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc
A bit of a basketball player

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