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Campus basketball record

Red hair playing basketball sunspot's basketball

2022-06-27 05:09Campus basketball record
Summary: A person with blue hair (very short) and a person with red hair (very tall) play basketball. What kind of animation is thisSunspot basketballWhat does Cherry Blossom path doAnd his body has become str
A person with blue hair (very short) and a person with red hair (very tall) play basketball. What kind of animation is this
Sunspot basketball
What does Cherry Blossom path do
And his body has become stronger and stronger since he was a child. When passing through Tokyo National Sports University once, he had a conflict with the basketball students of the University. He showed agility, speed and explosive power in fighting. Discovered by the team coach, he called him into the youth team for trainingWho is the cherry blossom path? SpecificRed hair playing basketball  sunspot's basketball introduction
Sakuragi flower path is the male lead in the comic book basketball man (later translated into slam dunk master in Hong Kong and Taiwan) serialized by nobuhiko Inoue in the 1980s. The story is set to study at Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa Prefecture. Appearance fRed hair playing basketball  sunspot's basketballeatures: height 188CMDo the characters in slam dunkRed hair playing basketball  sunspot's basketball master have archetypes? Who are they
Needless to say, he corresponds to Rodman, a bad boy in the NBA. The two are exactly the same, with red hair, wild and uninhibited. Sakuragi's number is No. 10, and Rodman's piston era number is also No. 10. At the same time, both of them have abnormal physical quality and explosive bouncing power. Young people who can play basketball will have a deep feeling after watching this animationThere are many handsome guys among slam dunk masters. What is the ranking of selfishness in your mindRed hair playing basketball  sunspot's basketball
6 Cherry Blossom path although cherry began to be shaped as a campus bully, a freak with developed limbs and simple mind, cherry who worked hard on the court is quite charming. He has red hair and a spirit of never giving upThe character prototype of the comic dunk master
Many people think that the model of the cherry blossom path is Rodman. Except that his hard work on the court has nothing in common with that red hair, how can I say it? Look at the data: 1. The cartoon was created in 90-96. In the slam dunk master's prequel like red, the cherry blossom path is red hair. Rodman's red hair was after he joined the bull in 1996The red haired shanks in "the pirate king" have no trumps except for their domineering colors
On the 20th anniversary of the pirate king, there was a big revelation in ODA, that is, the sabre worn at the waist of red hair shanks was exposed. It was named “ Griffin;, Yes, the main ability of this Dao is to play basketball. Bah! Griffin is actually a mythical monster with great strengthCherry Blossom path vs Liuchuan maple, who is the best
I still think Liuchuan maple is more powerful. In fact, we can compare the strength of two people from three stages. Initial stage: Sakuragi has just started playing basketball. When Sakuragi has just started to contact basketball, Liuchuan Feng is already an old player. The physical quality of Cherry Blossom path is indeed abnormalWhat are the five generations of sunspot's basketball miracle
Since I was a child, I took it for granted that I played basketball because of my tall stature. Although I was not motivated, I had a high ability. It can be said that I had no interest in basketball, but I hated failure. Ziyuandun's special skill: absolute defense: with a strong body, fast reflection nerves and slender arms, he can guard the backboardIntroduction to dunk Masters
6 → Nike Air Jordan 1 court position: power forward's special skill: hitting people's heads with his forehead, killing people with his eyes, shooting with his face has a very obvious feature: red hair, playing basketball only in the first grade of high school, a sports genius, a simple, cute, nervous problem figure, with a trademark red hair
Red hair playing basketball sunspot's basketball

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