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Chen he plays basketball old arms and legs

2022-06-26 20:33Campus basketball record
Summary: Chen he and Deng Chao play basketball netizen: can Deng Chao really play basketballDeng Chao certainly can't. He has old arms and legs, but he is quite coordinated; Li Chen is not good either. He k
Chen he and Deng Chao play basketball netizen: can Deng Chao really play basketball
Deng Chao certainly can't. He has old arms and legs, but he is quite coordinated; Li Chen is not good either. He knows how to keep fit. He has seen him play basketball before. He is uncoordinated; Chen he should be better than Li Chen. He is more harmonious than Li Chen; Wang Zulan, let alone the king of disharmony; If baby is a girl, it's good to know how to play ball; Zheng Kai should be goodRun, brother. When did Chen he and Zheng Kai play basketball
It was the basketball sChen he plays basketball  old arms and legsmashing episode, wasn't it? The two of them have a very tacit cooperation. That's the tenth issue, e10:20141212 the battle between Chu and Han
Chen he had a successful ankle operation. Why was he injured
According to his weight, he should take two pills& rdquo; It seems that Chen he is also very clear about his position. Chen he was injured this time because he accidentally made it during the recording of the program "ha ha ha ha ha". During the recording of the program, there was a clip of playing basketballWhich stars in the entertainment circle play basketball really well
I don't know much about basketball, but I know that boys who can play basketball must be very handsome. Today, I would like to share with you the stars who can play basketball in the entertainment circle. Wu Zun. In fact, I grew up watching wuzun's TV dramas since I was a child, such as "Princess Little Sister", "boys and girls in patterns", "sunshine angel" and so onChen he had leg surgery. Do you know what happened to his leg
Recently, the artist Chen he showed photos of his successful operation, which puzzled many people, because in our impression, Chen he seems to have no leg pain, but in fact, Chen he has shown his leg pain in many programs, but we just didn't noticChen he plays basketball  old arms and legse it. Due to the accumulation of long-term painDeng Chao and Chen Hefa celebrated Lu Han's birthday. Do you like the immortal friendship between them
Chen he, who likes playing basketball, posted a video of playing basketball on the football field iChen he plays basketball  old arms and legsn his room on a social platform, and wrote a special friend. Come to PK, Lao Li Tou. You can see that the friendship between the two people is very ordinary. Only those friends who know the deep feelings and love each other will call Lao Li Tou the otherDeng Chao and Chen he celebrate Lu Han's birthday. Do you envy their feelingsChen he plays basketball  old arms and legs
After "brothers", they recorded "ha ha ha ha ha ha". The three of them are so happy together. Sometimes they play like children. It's very interesting. They also take care of each other. In one program, Chen he accidentally sprained his foot when playing basketball. Lu Han and Deng Chao are both helping Chen he, in factChen he, who quit the running man, took his mother to watch the sea, played ball with Deng Chao, and played with his wife and children. What do you think
Is Chen he a little thinner in his basketball suit? Although he quit running man, his friendship with running man brothers has been good. In this warm spring season, many stars go on vacation. Chen he is also very natural and unrestrained. He plays ball games with friends, watches the sea with his mother, and most importantly, he can accompany his wife and childrenChen he appeared in a wheelchair after the operation. His right foot was swollen into a "pig's hoof". Why was he injured
The image of Zeng Xiaoxian, the role played by Chen he in the love apartment, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which also makes Chen he angryChen heshai's bed photo revealed that the operation was successful. What did he do
‘& rsquo; Recently, Chen he released a group of photos of himself lying in the hospital bed on his social platform, and the operation was successful. Chen he accidentally strained his ligament when warming up while participating in the basketball game, but Chen he has been insisting on recording variety shows, and finally it became more and more serious
Chen he plays basketball old arms and legs

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