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Square dance beating basketball even the only key event

2022-06-26 11:03Campus basketball record
Summary: How to treat square dancing aunt beating up basketball teenagersNowadays, the country advocates national fitness, and square dance has become the main and even the only key project for the middle-aged
How to treat square dancing aunt beating up basketball teenagers
Nowadays, the country advocates national fitness, and square dance has become the main and even the only key project for the middle-aged and elderly. There are many genres and all over the world. If you are also a person from that era, it is difficult to ensure that you do not respond to the call of this group competitive sport. So it is not difficult to understand the right to use public placesWhat happened to the square dancing aunt who seized the basketball court and beat the uncle
"Just now the aunts said." It was in june2017, and the announcement was posted. Is there still no place to dance. The notice says, "go to the place where we dance in the morning!" A local netizen in Luoyang said that the announcement was "Luoyang Wangcheng Park"What about the square dance conflict on the basketball court
Luoyang Wangcheng Park basketball youngsters were beaten up by square dancers and their mothers. Recently, they were swiped on the screen. Despite repeated communication between the two sides of the conflict and the police, the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved. In desperation, the park management chose to temporarily close the basketball court. According to the party involved in the event that the square dancing aunt seized the basketball courtSquare dance dominates the basketball court, and parents besiege basketball teenagers. Is it the old man or the bad man getting old
It is the bad guys who are getting old that the conflict incident in Luoyang basketball court has aroused widespread concern in the society. Many of them insist that the basketball court should only be used for playing basketball. In fact, in addition to being "requisitioned" by the people who dance in the square, the basketball court also acts as a parking lot, a grain drying yard and a garbage dump from time to timeWhat do you think of the Shenzhen square dancing aunt who fought against a group of children in order to occupy the basketball court_ Hundred
Many people don't object to the elderly dancing square dance. After all, they made contributions when they were young. As they get older, it's also very comfortable to exercise through dancing. However, many people hate square dance because they choose an inappropriate location, which will disturb the residents. For example, the basketball court is very goodHow to deal with the old beast of the square dancing old man beating the basketball boy
Well, what old animals? They were old men who danced with the old ladies in the square dance. After the incident, the relevant departments did not deal with the relevant personnel. They just let everyone use the public resources of the basketball court instead of letting that group enjoy them aloneWhat's the matter with the square dancing aunt occupying the basketball court and beating up the basketball teenager
The square dancing aunt has the highest value of irrationality in the world. Her force value and physical strength value are both good. If there is such a crowd around, one word, hideHow to deal with the square dancing aunt's group fights and basketball teenagers
The police station mediated that the square dancing aunt would not occupy the basketball court to dance square dancing in the future. DJ station
Yongzhou square dancing aunt and the young man seized the basketball court. There was a conflict between the two sides. How should we protect our rights_ Baidu
A group of teenagers are playing basketball in a basketball court in Qiyang, Yongzhou, Hunan Province. They are doing what they like as usual. However, this basketball court has welcomed a group of uninvited guests. We are all familiar with this group of uninvited guests, which is commonly known as the square dancing aunt. Now these aunts have become uninvited guests of the basketball court. Let's startSquare dancing aunt grabs territory and fights basketball guy. Is the old man bad
The video popular on the Internet took place in the basketball court of Luoyang Wangcheng Park, Henan Province. It was released at about 7:30 p.m. on May 31. Young people playing basketball and big uncles and aunts dancing in the square danced against each other in order to compete for the venue. In the video footage, several elderly people in sportswear grabbeSquare dance beating basketball  even the only key eventd a young man who was topless
Square dance beating basketball even the only key event

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