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Campus basketball match

Play basketball short story

2022-06-26 06:24Campus basketball match
Summary: Short articlesFaith is in a remote valleyShort narrative (5) (about 200 words) (composition) unlimited topicsToday, I was playing basketball on the basketball court. I was knocked unconscious and fell
Short articles
Faith is in a remote valleyShort narrative (5) (about 200 words) (composition) unlimited topics
Today, I was playing basketball on the basketball court. I was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground. Later, someone called me, "what'sPlay basketball short story the matter with you? What's the matter with you? You took water and woke me up.". Mother smiled: who took the water to wake you up. My cousin said: I didn't see anyone, only the bucketSeeking 15 short English compositions (60 ~ 80 words) with translation
After that, I will join the basketball club to play basketball. Although I am a girl, I like basketball very much. It can not only make me sunny and cheerful, but also make me healthy. Finally, I'm going to visit some friends. We are going to play together. Maybe we'll go sightseeingWho is in Owen's short story about playing the old man
The second short player: Kevin love, born in Santa MoniPlay basketball short storyca, California, USA, is an American professional basketball player, professional power forward and center, and plays for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves... 500 words, freshman, male, love playing basketball!! Within today
It's not good to introduce myself too long. I'd like to write a short story for you. A good athlete running around the sports field, a student struggling for learning, and humorous people are everywhere. I will bring you happiness under the sun. Thank you. My name is???, It is a great pleasure to meet you hereQiu Wen, the heroine of the short story is the daughter of the hero's father's friend, and the hero plays basketball
Basketball fire, Hunan Satellite Play basketball short storyTV
English American short story with main idea
My extracurricular life is so colorful: reading, surfing the Internet, listening to music, playing basketball... But what I like most is playing basketball. One day during the winter vacation, I went to the schoPlay basketball short storyol playground with some classmates to play basketball. We are divided into two teams, each with five starters and two substitutes. The game began... About basketball, the male host's surname is Shen. Another plot is that the female host acts as a caddie when the male host plays basketball
Lin Hai is the idiom vfdvfsdfvdsvfdetrtrf
Looking for an old cartoon, the male and female protagonists are all love cartoons playing basketball. The length should not be very long. The heroine has short hair
Seeing her, I suddenly felt for her, but in the end, the man was not with her, but with the man playing basketball. Finally, the man's author arranged a foreign girl for him, and the children were all there. It seems that it is not a short storyWho can introduce some nice short autobiographies
It will fall to the ground, and its life will end with its whereabouts, and die. Sometimes I would rather be that bird fighting on the court forever than worrying about a lot of things off the court... "I loved basketball when I was very young
Play basketball short story

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