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Little thumb playing basketball

2022-06-26 04:46Campus basketball match
Summary: A month has passed since I poked my little thumb into playing basketball. I found that I can't stretch straight. It's a little swollen, but it's notApply some anti swelling drugs such as saff
A month has passed since I poked my little thumb into playing basketball. I found that I can't stretch straight. It's a little swollen, but it's not
Apply some anti swelling drugs such as safflower oil and keep it slowly. I often poke it when playing basketball. Usually, apply some drugs and it will reduce swelling after a period of time
Playing basketball, the little thumb joint was poked and swollen by the basketball, which was a little outrageous! It hasn't been detumescence for several years. What should I do
Landlord: basketball injuries are very common, but we must deal with your situation in a timely and correct manner. It should be the sequela of "eating carrots", but we should pay attention to it if the swelling hasn't subsideLittle thumb playing basketballd for so long (generally, we should go to see it if it hasn't subsided for 2 days). Go to the hospital for examination, otherwise your thumb may affect your quality of life Little thumb playing basketballin the future. NormalWhy does the little thumb of your right hand hurt every time you play basketball
Playing basketball with finger or ankle injuries is a common thing, so we are required to protect ourselves as much as possible in the process of playing basketball. The reason you said that the little thumb hurts may be because the little thumb has been injured before and has not healed. You can give the little thumb more massage, exercise, or apply some anti swelling and analgesic drugsWhen playing basketball, the little thumb was poked. It can only be bent but not straight. It hurts and swells when you move. Is it a fracture? How
No, it will be better if you use the external medicine oil similar to the cooling oil after a few days. I was often stabbed. It hurts
Little thumb played basketball and ate radish. There is a little purple and congestion at the joint. It doesn't hurt anymore. You can straighten it with your hands
Answer: Guidance: congestion is caused by the rupture and bleeding of subcutaneous capillaries under the action of external forces. After 24 hours, warm water can be used to compress the affected area. To promote local blood circulation and promote the dissipation of congestion. Generally, the subcutaneous congestion machine will slowly Little thumb playing basketballabsorb, and the time will take about two weeksWhen playing basketball, I bruised my little thumb and it was swollen. What should I do
If you can still move, there's no big problem. It's just a ligament injury and a slight dislocation of the joints. It may be that theLittle thumb playing basketball little thumb is a little thinner, which is a little more serious than before. I used to play basketball. When I was grabbing the ball on the ground, my thumb and index finger were hit by someone else's knee. It was very serious. The muscles at the root of my fingers were very swollenLittle thumb is a bit hurt, how does basketball bandage tie (joint)
Bandage will affect your hand feeling. The dribble is not very smooth. I suggest you continue to play basketball after you recover from the injury! If it is a minor injury, wrap a bandage around the little finger. If the little finger is swollen and painful, please tie the little finger and the ring finger together with a bandage! After playing basketball, remember to take off the bandage to relax the pressureWhen playing basketball, the little thumb pokes the ball. It cannot be straightened or bent. What should I do_ Baidu
If it is not serious, do not rub or rub it within 24 hours to prevent the damaged capillaries from further rupturing and causing congestion. You can use small ice cubes to compress for contraction. Later, you can use Yunnan Baiyao aerosol (a set of two kinds, one for pain relief and the other for desilting). Seek medical attention in case of serious illnessPlaying basketball, the second joint of the little thumb can be bent. It doesn't move and doesn't hurt. What should I do if it hurts
This is the rhythm of cartilage contusion, and it is also the cartilage on the lateral side of the joint. Fortunately, it is not a key part such as the knee. When the little finger is injured and calmed down, it will subside. The cartilage has a certain chance to recover slowly
How did you do when playing basketball and bumping your little thumb
Don't always rub and move, it will only aggravate. In general, it is to apply cold compress quickly after injury to keep the joints motionless. Let the blood vessels solidify quickly so that they won't swell too much. Then after 24 hours or 48 hours (depending on the severity, your 24 hours is enough), you can start hot compress, add medicine or massage to promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis. This
Little thumb playing basketball

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