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You play basketball like caixukun

2022-06-26 00:17Campus basketball match
Summary: Why do some people say that I play like caixukun? Is caixukun a basketball superstarCaixukun is a star. He doesn't play very well, but he is flashyYou play like caixukun! What is this sentenceCaixu
Why do some people say that You play basketball like caixukunI play like caixukun? Is caixukun a basketball superstar
Caixukun is a star. He doesn't play very well, but he is flashy
You play like caixukun! What is this sentence
Caixukun in the promotional film, his basketball skills are really not flattering. Therefore, caixukun's various basketball moves were also made into expression packs, which became a topic of ridicule. Then there are various topics about basketball on the Internet. There will be a sentence "you play basketYou play basketball like caixukunball like caixukun!" There is another sourceJust now I played basketball. Many people said that I played basketball like cxk. What do you mean? What is cxk? Yes
Yes, you play like caixukun, who is the publicity ambassador of China's NBA basketball! You play basketball very well! You should thank the other person on the spotWhat is caixukun's stem
Caixukun is a basketball player. His basketball playing is impressive. Everyone likes to watch caixukun play basketball. In the basketball industry, Lao Cai is very arrogantWhy do peopYou play basketball like caixukunle say I play basketball like caixukun
Everyone is praising you. Do you know caixukun, the NBA Ambassador? To say you look like him is to praise you for playing basketball
Why do you play like caixukun
Because caixukun is the first Chinese NBA image ambassador officially designated by the NBA, and he is popular all over the network with a dribble video that is similar to epilepsy. It has to be said that the NBA has begun to pay attention to China's small fresh meat traffic, and it needs a lot of moneyYou play basketball like caixukun
Basketball is a popular sport among people all over the world, as well as among children in China. Compared with football, the popularity of basketball is wider, and the level of basketball in China is relatively high. You said he played like caixukun. You should like him. I donYou play basketball like caixukun't know how he plays basketball. You should think it's coolWhat does caixukun mean by basketball stem
Because now caixukun's basketball is often mentioned on the Internet. If it means that others play like caixukun, it means that their playing level is not very good. Their playing level is smelly. Caixukun is also one of the spokesmen for the official Chinese New Year image of the NBA this yearWechat translates "playing basketball like caixukun" into "playing basketball is good". What is the relationship between it and caixukun
This has also exposed caixukun's previous promotional videos, in which singing, dancing, rap and basketball are the talk of people after dinner. The pranks on station B have made caixukun very tired and even sent a lawyer's letter. This makes "you play like caixukun" more like a dirty wordWhat's the problem with playing like caixukun
As we all know, “ You play like caixukun ” This sentence has become a slang in Chinese basketball circles. Most of the time, it is used to ridicule people who play basketball badly. If someone says to others on the field, how can you play like caixukun? I believe the people across the street must put down their basketball
You play basketball like caixukun

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