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Campus basketball match

Composition on the fun of playing basketball

2022-06-24 07:33Campus basketball match
Summary: I'm so happy to play basketballThe game ended soon after the goal was scored. We won 22:23 and the whole team cheered. It was a narrow victory! This game is really exciting! You see how happy playi
I'm so happy to play basketball
The game ended soon after the goal was scored. We won 22:23 and the whole team cheered. It was a narrow victory! This game is really exciting! You see how happy playing basketball is, nervous + exciting. In fact, as long as you regard basketball as your friend, you can get more fun from itHow to write a composition about playing basketball after class
There are many things in my after-school life, such as happy, happy, worried, sad, interesting. Let me just say something interesting - playing basketball. On Sunday afternoon, I made an appointment with some children to play basketball on the basketball court. At the beginning, one of the opponent's children quickly grabbed the ball and ran to our team's goalThe topic of the composition for the third grade of primary school is 250 words of true happiness in playing basketball
Everyone has his own fun, and my fun is playing basketball. Playing basketball has become an indispensable part of my life. Just like my right and left hands. As long as I don't play one day, I always feel uncomfortable, so I'mComposition on the fun of playing basketball used to playing every day. Remember in so many gamesPlaying basketball brings me joy more than 500
At school, my classmates called me "basketball fan" O'Neill; At home, my father and mother call me a "basketball fan". Basketball can make me happy and sad. Basketball can bring me pain, but I still play basketball because I like playing basketball. Chapter 4: the fun of playing basketball is so interesting! I played basComposition on the fun of playing basketballketball better and better during the summer vacationWrite a composition about playing basketball, 150 words
This morning, I asked my brother Liangliang to play basketball with me. We came to the basketball court of the community and began to play. I gave brother Liangliang a suggestion: choose five points on the court as shooting points. Everyone shoots on the points, changes when he makes a shot, and continues to shoot if he doesn't make a shot. Until all five points are castEnjoy it (playing basketball) composition 600 words
In the fifth grade, physical education class stopped, but I did not stop basketball to me, my enthusiasm for basketball. Every Sunday, several of our classmates will fight for two games. In the game, we enjoy the fun basketball brings us. Now, I am gradually keen on basketball, like NBA stars, and learn to play as starsA composition about the fun of playing basketball
But I have something I alComposition on the fun of playing basketballways adhere to, my biggest hobby___ For me, basketball is not tall, its bouncComposition on the fun of playing basketballe is getting worse year by year, and the hospital team also plays as a substitute, which is not enough to dispel my love for itFifty words in basketball composition
In the second half, we were aggressive and beat the red team to pieces. Finally won them 125 to 119! Look, they are like a defeated rooster. They are all dejected. This time, they not only feel the fun of basketball, but also understand a truth: unity is strength! Play basketball composition 5 this morningHow to write 300 words in my composition about playing basketball
Because it is a team spirit sport. You can't do it alone. You should learn to distribute the ball power reasonably. For example: who will be the defender, who will be the shooter, who will be the center, who will be the striker. After all, basketball is a game played by five people. We should unite and cooperate. If you can only dribble and pitch by one person on the court, what's the fun of playing basketballFun of playing basketball composition 460 words
Whenever I mention basketball, my eyes shine. Playing basketball is my hobby, because basketball can not only exercise, but also enhance everyone's team spirit. My dream is to be a basketball player. Now, playing basketball has become a part of my life. In physical education class, I will play basketball in my free activities
Composition on the fun of playing basketball

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