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Campus basketball match

The protagonist is playing basketball

2022-06-24 06:56Campus basketball match
Summary: Hero's basketball novelGu Ling's intimate sisterThe male host is a basketball player. The female host is currently studying traditional Chinese medicine. The female host's name is Wen Jiu. As
Hero's basketball novel
Gu Ling's intimate sister
The male host is a basketball player. The female host is currently studying traditional Chinese medicine. The female host's name is Wen Jiu. Ask for the name of the novel_ Baidu
No prototype! No prototype! No prototype! Really not. Content label: urban love, childhood sweetheart, sports, search keywords: protagonist: Wen Jiu, song Jiajiu ┃ supporting roles: Zhou Jixu, peicangsheng, Kangqiao, Ji Li, Kong Donghe, Song Yi, Yuhang ┃ others: sports, athletesTherThe protagonist is playing basketballe is a TV play about basketball, in which the hero seems to be called "goofy"
Through unremitting efforts, Mu Mu finally joined the basketball teaThe protagonist is playing basketballm of the cable factory. Episode 12 coach Guo sees her former lover ZhouLing on the street and learns that ZhouLing has become the head coach of the Oriental giant. The match with the giants is approaching, but Guo Jiaolian is missingIs there any novel in which the hero plays basketball
1. Introduce a very interesting novel "the king of the fat ball". It is about how a fat man with more than 200 kilograms plays basketball very well. 2, "the ordinary Prince of basketball". A novel with The protagonist is playing basketballflesh and blood, written with heart, is very touching and realisticPlease recommend some basketball novels whose protagonist is the center
Comments: many people have read Sima's "vivid colors and fragrance", but few people know that Sima wrote this basketball book in those years. What kind of articles can he write with hThe protagonist is playing basketballis magnificent words and ideas? You will not be disappointed. Brief introduction of "campus basketball situation": there is nothing to introduce, just write basketballThe protagonist starts playing basketball from NCAA, and there are many female hosts
In the process of coaching step by step, he made a great success and finally became the Pope of basketball. In fact, basketball articles with coaches as the protagonists are rare, because such articles are not easy to write, and readers prefer the protagonists' passion of charging on the court and freely spilling sweatWho knows the novel about the hero playing basketball, which should be good-looking and has been finished
Three step layupThe novel in which the protagonist plays basketball in the NBA is Chinese and very smart. Playing basketball is played with the brain
The main character written by the NBA villain Jiang Fengxian is Yang Di
About the animation of playing basketball, the painting style is good, and the male players are very famous
And has been adapted into animation. Sunspot's basketball is a work about basketball. It tells that the famous Diguang middle school once produced five players called the miracle generation, but in fact, the miracle generation has the sixth member. He is the hero of this work, sunspot zhe Ye. The dream like sixth person does not choose basketball college, butThere is a TV play about playing basketball. The hero is Gao Fei... Who knows the name of TV
Basketball tribe is an idol TV series funded by Fujian radio, film and television group. A total of 24 episodes, starring qiuze, guoxinqi, zhangxunjie, etc. (male leader Gao Fei is played by qiuze)
The protagonist is playing basketball

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