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Campus basketball match

Classic commentary of NBA basketball commentary

2022-06-29 03:00Campus basketball match
Summary: NBA commentaryDouble pump: pull rod shot (verb) fade-away shot: back up jump shot: hook shot: hook shot: jump shot: layup: layup: perimeter shot: mid-range shot set shot: standing shot three-point sho
NBA commentary
Double pump: pull rod shot (verb) fade-away shot: back up jump shot: hook shot: hook shot: jump shot: layup: layup: perimeter shot: mid-range shot set shot: standing shot three-point shot: various statistical terms of NBA asClassic basketball game commentary
17. "Due to historical reasons, we are all omnipotent broadcasters. Now there are more than a dozen broadcasters in the broadcasting group, with a clear division of labor. I am mainly responsible for: a a a B League of national football, domestic basketball and NBA basketball. I like all of them." (a wide range of hobbies) 18 "Today is the seventh game of the finals
Classic quotations from basketball commentators
Anderson has been in the NBA for 15 seasons. This year, he is 29 years old. Barry dodged the gap and gave Barry a layup. The ball scored (the legendary split skill). Sunzhengping: Battier made 8 of 6 shots! Zhangweiping: Yes! Yao Ming touched the ball twiceBasketball commentary
Yao Ming and Miller were both preparing for the jump ball in the central circle. The noisy audience was silent at this time, and everyone was quietly waiting for the start of the Rockets' new season. With the referee's whistle, Yao Ming and Miller took off at the same time. Miller hopes to lean against Yao Ming with his body, but Yao Ming is strong nowNBA commentary
It' s unbelievable~~~
NBA commentary:
The Christmas War ushered in a major event. The defending champion Cavaliers welcomed the challenge of warriors at home. With Owen's violent walk at the end, the Cavaliers 109-108 reversed the warriors and wonWho can give professional commentary to several NBA commentators in English
Draft: draft, that is, the annual NBA recruiting conference. Dribble: dribble (VT, n). Duo: it originally means duet. In basketball, it refers to a double team. Fadeaway shot:. Also known as fadeaway jumper. Fake: fake action (n); Fake (V). Fast break: fast break; Quick breakWhat are the classic basketball Commentaries
Narrator: wells once wore a yellow headband, then a red headband, and this time he wore a red headband with pink. I won't tell you about this taste. Narrator: wells looks like Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. He is a bit yellow and a bit strong. NBA commentator (Francis) Narrator: boss Fu is very straightforward today... CommentatorNBA... Please say some brilliant commentary on the top ten balls
Why is basketball a five person sport? The Dragon King bosh tells you: it's just a five person singles undClassic commentary of NBA basketball commentaryer the basket—— This is one of the top ten lines I remember mostCommentary of NBA basketball match
Basketball players' uniforms are of course vests and shorts, and uniform sometimes refers specifically to vests. Veteran: an old athlete.Classic commentary of NBA basketball commentary NBA attaches great importance to veteran. All teams regard their veteran as a fortune. The proClassic commentary of NBA basketball commentarybability of veteran appearing in NBA is very high. Weak side: weak side. The side without ball is the weak side. (about the strong side
Classic commentary of NBA basketball commentary

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