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Playing basketball smelly socks

2022-06-28 00:08Campus basketball match
Summary: Why do my socks smell so bad after playing the ball? They smell every time I wash themIsn't it inevitable that the socks stink? They are stockings with thick towel bottoms. They sweat a lot. I usua
Why do my socks smell so bad after playing the ball? They smell every time I wash them
Isn't it inevitable that the socks stink? They are stockings with thick towel bottoms. They sweat a lot. I usually prepare several pairs
Why do some shoes smell like socks after playing ball, while others don't smell at all
The air permeability of the shoes. The shoes may have good air permeability. The pores may be blocked by dirt. It will be better if you wash them often~
After an NBA game, how do players usually deal with their socks? Will the playerPlaying basketball smelly sockss take it home for washing
However, we ordinary people usually take the socks back to wash and wear them after exercise, no matter how smelly they are;. My husband likes playing basketball very much, but every time he comes back from playing basketball, the socks really stink to suffocationI'm a 12-year-old boy. Why do basketball shoes stink and socks and other shoes don't stink
Hehe, this should be covered. Because no matter how breathable the sneakers are, they won't work after strenuous exercise. They will be stuffy. So your feet will get beriberi. Usually wear other breathable shoes. Feet also need to be cleaned, and anti odor socks should also be equipped. Thank you ~ please support our teamLooking for a boy playing basketball to have smelly socks? Did they give it
It seems that there is a little psychological problem, but it should not be a big problem, nor will it hurt anyone. Most people may think that you have some problems, orPlaying basketball smelly socks you can buy me a pair of socks and I'll play basketball with them and give them to you. HeheI like playing basketball, so my shoes and socks are always smelly. How can I eliminate the smell_ Hundred
1. One pair of socks a day. Try to change your shoes as often as possible. 2. Try to take a bath when you are sweating. 3. Go to the shoe store and have a look. If you insist on using something to eliminate the odor, it is generally not available
Playing basketball often, is there any way to delay the stink of socks
Is there any way to delay the ugliness of socks when playing basketball frequently? As long as you finish playing basketball diligently, wash the socks and dry them once a day. Changing new socks every day will reduce the odor of socksSmelly socks for boys playing basketball. In Wuchang area, do you want smelly socksPlaying basketball smelly socks for boys playing basketball? They
The landlord is very honest and provides you with a method. You say that you want to do a research on the relationship between exercise volume, physical fitness and sweating on the soles of your feet after exercise. I hope they can support it. I believe you will get a lot of booty, and even give you worn-out shoesAfter playing basketball, the heel socks stink, and the shoes stink
Foot odor, body odor and body odor are all natural phenomena for the human body to eliminate toxins in the body; Foot odor has almost become the patent of modern teenagers, because modern children have been eating fish and meat since childhood, so that the acid poison in human body has been accumulated in large quantities since childhood. Until teenagers, the acid poison has accumulated to a certain extent, and the human body's antibody has been strongI like playing basketball The feet are not very smelly But the socks stink Is there any way_ Baidu
Go buy a deodorant insole. My socks used to stink, but they are much better after use. Or make a pair of good shoes, which should also have a little effect
Playing basketball smelly socks

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