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Campus basketball match

Basketball playing English

2022-06-22 20:09Campus basketball match
Summary: How to play basketball in English。I like playing football, basketball and swimmingI like to play football, play basketball and swimHow to play basketball in EnglishPlaying basketball translates into
How to play basketball in English
I like playing football, basketball and swimming
I like to play football, play basketball and swimHow to play basketball in English
Playing basketball translates into play basketball. Example: we play basketball only on thursday We only play basketball on Thursday. I like to play basketball. I want to play basketball nowDraw, jump rope, dance, run and sing, play basketball, play football_ Baidu
Draw, rope skipping, dance, run, sing, play basketball, play football/soccer word problems, find Youdao translation, baidu translation, web pages, apps and computer clients, which are very convenient to check
What is the English for playing basketball
The English for playing basketball is: play basketball. Some fixed collocatiBasketball playing Englishons about playing basketball. 1.play for basketball; To play basketball; Play basketball. 2.i play the basketball. 3.play basketballHow do you say playing basketball in English
Competition "can also mean" performance or style "or" action or skill in the competition ". Basketball means basketball. Basketball is an uncountable noun that cannot be preceded by an article. So the English expression of playing basketball is play basketballPlay basketball
The English for "playing basketball" is "play basketball"& quot; play" It can be used as a transitive verb to express the same. match; Play (games, etc.); Play (the ball); Kick (a ball); Play (cards); She can play tennis as well as basketball She can also play basketball and tennisWhat are the English words for running, skipping rope, swimming, playing football, playing table tennis and playing basketball_ Baidu
Basketball basketball football football or soccer table tennis table tennis bicycle &\160; Bike or bicycle swimming Skipping JumpBasketball playing English Rope bilingual example: 1 She can play tennis as well as basketball.&# 160; She can also play basketballPole vault, basketball, badminton, swimming, running, football
running play basketball play badminton play football swimming play table tennis play snooker play golf
How to spell playing football and basketball in English
Play soccer ball play dasbasketball
Basketball playing English

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