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Campus basketball match

Play basketball with big hands

2022-06-27 05:06Campus basketball match
Summary: How do you judge big hand fouls in a basketball gameThere are mainly two kinds of judging the thugs' Fouls in basketball games: when the offensive player shoots or dunks normally, the hand of the d
How do you judge big hand fouls in a basketball game
There are mainly two kinds of judging the thugs' Fouls in basketball games: when the offensive player shoots or dunks normally, the hand of the defensive player hits the hand of the offensive player, which is called the thugs, and the English is shooting foot. When the offensive player dribbles or holds the ball normally and the defensive player wants to grab the opponent's ball, it is a foul if he first hits the opponent's hand with his own handWhat are the big hands of NBA players
We all know that players who can play in the NBA are gifted and have outstanding physical conditions “ Monsters ”, Many of their body parts are different from ordinary people. Today, Guo Renjun takes you to see the famous horror players in the NBA! The highest player in the League — BobanHow terrible is the palm of a basketball giant
How terrible are the palms of basketball giants? Mobile phones are like mahjong inPlay basketball with big hands Yao Ming's hands. O'NeilPlay basketball with big handsl is even more ruthless. For amateurs who like playing basketball, height, shoulder width, strength and so on are not great restrictions. As long as you like basketball, you can have a word with your friends in any venueWhat is the highest record for big hand basketball in the world
The score was astonishing 4018 to 4017, and the orange team won. What is the highest record of big hand basketball in the world? I am inquiring for you. Please wait a moment. I will reply to you right away. I am glad to answer it for youDo you really need a pair of big hands to play basketball
It doesn't have to be more advantageous
Jordan can catch pumpkins. Boban uses tablets as mobile phones. What do NBA level big hands look like_ Baidu
But if you want to play basketball in the NBA, you can't do without absolute talent! We all know that the size of the palm is also a manifestation of talent. When a player's palm is big enough, he can make some moves more easily than others! So the question is, do you know who is the biggest player in NBA historyHow big are the hands of NBA basketball stars
Dr. J, the early NBA dunk king king who is also a big hand, often staged various one handed big loops with his big hand in the game. It is said that he is the biggest player in NBA history. For him, holding a basketball is like holding a pearHow to punish a big hand in a basketball match
In a basketball game, if a player is hit when shooting, he will make a free throw according to whether it is a tPlay basketball with big handshree-point shot or a two-point shot, three free throws outside the three-point line and two free throws inside the three-point line; If the shooting is a hit, an additional penalty will be imposed. If an ordinary hitter commits more than 4 fouls in a single quarter, the sideline Service will continue to attack; More than 4 times, 2 free throwsHow big is the gap between ordinary people and NBA giants
Don't get me wrong. This is not curry. The one who catches the camera in the back is the real curry. The group photo of the Curie like fan with Durant also made many people realize how far the average person is from the NBA players. Look at their hands. This fan's hands are not half as big as Durant's. The same basketPlay basketball with big handsballWhat are the advantages of playing basketball with big hands
People with big hands have better control over the ball. Secondly, the best attack means you can catch the main ball will increase! For example, you can catch the ball with one hand more flexibly than holding the ball and holding the ball in the layup. Your big hand has nothing to do with your level of play, steals and steals!!! A little help in shooting ~ ~
Play basketball with big hands

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