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I'm dead playing basketball about 15 years

2022-06-22 20:09Campus basketball match
Summary: What is the average life span of a basketball playerNormally, it's about 15 years, but it's about 20 yearsWhat is the cause of sudden death in basketballThe length of playing depends on the phys
What is the average life span of a basketball player
Normally, it's about 15 years, but it's about 20 yearsWhat is the cause of sudden death in basketball
The length of playing depends on the physical qualI'm dead playing basketball  about 15 yearsity. Overload can easily lead I'm dead playing basketball  about 15 yearsto myocarditis Myocarditis is often an inflammatory manifestation of systemic diseases on the myocardium. Due to the different extent and extent of myocardial lesions, mild cases may have no clinical symptoms, and severe cases may cause sudden death. Those who are diagnosed in time and treated appropriately can be completely cured and delayedWhat if you can't play basketball well
Start from the basics, master the ball control skills and basic skills. (1) . personal exercise 1&\xfffd; Walking dribble practice beginners of basketball can walk back and forth freely on the basketball court with the ball. The purpose of this exercise is to practice the ball feeling. When practicing, you can choose a mark on the opposite wall, with your right hand moving the ball towards this mark. NoAbout playing basketball, what should I do now
Answer you one by one. You can't be thin. You have to eat more and practice more shooting. Don't you practice more fixed-point shooting and jump shots. All these require hard training of endurance and confusion of will? When you run, don't stand like a wooden stake on the court. You still need to practice more. The length of your arms is your advantagePlaying baskI'm dead playing basketball  about 15 yearsetball always has no physical strength. I am so tired after playing basketball for a long time. This is related to my rhinitis
Answer: your physical strength is not enough. You should ensure the intake of iron and vitamin B12. You can eat more liver, eggs, lean meat, beans and bean products, vegetables and fruits
Playing basketball makes me despair. What should I do
Hehe, brother, this is a necessary stage for basketball players. Because basketball is a competitive sport, we must compete. The spirit of sports is to be stronger and faster. I used to. You are in this state because you don't keep up with the pace of the game. The pace of the game is very important. You often don't play basketball with othersWhen playing basketball, I feel that I am dead on the court. I am not in a state and will not walk away. What should I do if my consciousness is very weak_ Baidu
Rebounding requires speed, bouncing power and strength. If you don't have speed, you may be robbed of the backboard before you are ready. If you don't have good bouncing power, you will be easily robbed of the backboard by those with good bouncing power. If you don't have strength, you won't have a share in rebounding. The first job of I'm dead playing basketball  about 15 yearsa power forward is to catch the reboundAfter half a game of basketball, I have no strength to shoot. After receiving the ball, my hands are too soft. I kneel down and beg for sports school
Physical fitness is divided into warm-up, training and warm-up after training. Warm up basketball court jogs for ten laps. According to individual ability, two groups of leapfrogs are connected to the court, and one group has a rest of five to ten minutes, which is determined according to individual ability. Then, when your body is warm and you start training or play halfway, the basketball court will make 20 lapsWhy do some people die when they play basketball
Personal pursuit? Think of Rodman. Although the off-site news continuesPlaying basketball is a sport. Life lies in sports. If life is lost, what else should we learn? English
Basketball is a sport, the life lies in the movement, if life is gone, but also mention what learning?
I'm dead playing basketball about 15 years

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