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Campus basketball competition

I am playing basketball English

2022-06-26 10:02Campus basketball competition
Summary: I am playing basketballI am playing basketball.I play basketball on weekendsI play basketball on weekendPlay basketballThe English for "playing basketball" is "play basketball"& quot; play
I am playing basketball
I am playing basketball.I play basketball on weekends
I play basketball on weekendPlay basketball
The English for "playing basketI am playing basketball Englishball" is "play basketball"& quot; play" It can be used as a transitive verb to express the same. match; Play (games, etc.); Play (the ball); Kick (a ball); Play (cards); She can play tennis as well as basketball She can also play basketball and tennisWe are playing basketball. Translating English
i am playinI am playing basketball Englishg basketball
How to play basketball in English
Playing basketball translates into play basketball. Example: we play basketball only oI am playing basketball Englishn thursday We only play basketball on Thursday. I like to play basketball. I want to play basketball nowHow do you say playing basketball in English
Competition "can also mean" performance or style "or" action or skill in the competition ". Basketball means basketball. Basketball is an uncountable noun that cannot be preceded by an article. So the English expression of playing basketball is play basketballI play basketball at school
I have played basketball + a period of time. In addition, a sentence is composed of subject + predicate + object. The I that the landlord said is the subject, and the predicate can only be a verb, so I can only be followed by a verb I am playing basketball Englishinstead of a nounWhat is the English for playing basketball
The English for playing basketball is: play basketball. Some fixed collocations about playing basketball. 1.play for basketball; To play basketball; Play basketball. 2.i play the basketball. 3.play basketballI am playing basketball!! Urgent request
I' m playing basketball I basketball. I have been playing basketball. I play basketball I played basketba
I am playing basketball
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I am playing basketball English

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