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Playing basketball with plantar warts

2022-06-25 20:49Campus basketball competition
Summary: My friend got plantar wart. Do you want to know how to cure it thoroughlyGlad to answer for you! Plantar warts are common warts that occur on the soles of the feet and are mostly caused by human papil
My friend got plantar wart. Do you want to know how to cure it thoroughly
Glad to answer for you! Plantar warts are common warts that occur on the soles of the feet and are mostly caused by human papillomavirus. The disease can be treated with a variety of comprehensive therapies, including laser, freezing, surgical excavation and drugs. The details should be determined according to the patient's condition. It is recommended that your friend go to a regular hospital in timeTreatment of plantar verruca
It is recommended that you use Quyou ointment or Qianjin powder for local external application. Soak the black plum meat in salt water for a day and night, pound it into mud, and apply a little to the affected area each time. 30 grams of Equisetum, Cyperus, Radix Isatidis, Fructus Mume and Clematis, 15 grams of Folium Isatidis. Soak the affected part in boiling water. One dose per day, the residue can be reconstituted and decocted. Each dose is soaked for 2 ~ 3 times, each time for 30 minutesSmall warts grow on the toes It should not be corns. What is it, please
It is a yellowish conical horny plug, the base is outward, slightly higher than the surface of insect skin, the tip is wedge-shaped, embedded in the dermis, and there is pain when walking. The corns between the toes are often soaked and soft, which should be identified with plantar warts; Plantar warts are distributed in all parts of the sole, not limited to the pressure parts, but not only one, which is the thickeniPlaying basketball with plantar wartsng of horn the size of soybeansWhat's on your feet, please? It shouldn't be corns. I can't feel the pain! I often play basketball
This is plantar wart, a kind of common wart. The details are introduced in the encyclopedia. Not cornsWhat reason is plantar wart caused
What reason is plantar wart caused? Virus infection is fundamental! Plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and the virus subtypes currently found include hpv-27, -57. When the skin is damaged, the virus can take advantage of the weakness and infect the human body. Plantar warts usually appear at the plantar ball pressure point of the footPlantar wart has just finished freezing today. Can you play basketball tomorrow? Will there be any squeeze on it? Urgent
Plantar wart is commonly known as thousand day sore. Like flat wart, it is especially difficult to treat, but it will fall off naturally when it grows to a certain time. But now you've done freezing. It should be liquid nitrogen freezing. It is best to exercise again in a few days, because the formation of plantar warts is mostly due to small wounds on the feet, which have not completely healed and have not been specially treatedWhen I played basketball, I ground two cocoon like things on my toes. Now it still hurts when I touch it. Will it be corns
It may be plantar wart. You can use San San Mei common wart tincture. Plantar wart is caused by skin cracks after friction and virus infection. Corns are not common, which is caused by pricks not pulled out. It is generally judged that the plantar wart has strong pinch pain and light tenderness. Some plantar warts have endogenous black silk, many roots, and multiple plantar wartsI have several plantar warts on my foot
Hehe, now when people talk about diseases, they always associate them with cancer. Cancer is terrible but not so easy to get. Please don't worry. The skin wart growing on the foot is called plantar wart (which is infectious and can spread to adjacent parts). It is difficult to treat with drugs. But we have other ways besides medicineCan you play basketball with plantar warts
It's better to do less strenuous exercise! It's not too late to call again when it's fully recovered. If you really want to play, shoot or somethingCan plantar wart play basketball
Yes, it's OK. Exercise is good for your immunity
Playing basketball with plantar warts

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