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Campus basketball competition

Play basketball brush practice a little fake

2022-06-25 07:17Campus basketball competition
Summary: How to play basketballYou can practice the fake moves well. When someone pours on you, you can seize the opportunity to pretend to throw a blue shot, push him with your shoulder, or tilt your body a l
How to play basketball
You can practice the fake moves well. When someone pours on you, you can seize the opportunity to pretend to throw a blue shot, push him with your shoulder, or tilt your body a little bit and shield him with your hands. In this way, you can not only brush Yin moves, but also win fouls. If you are lucky, you can add 2 points
A lot of people say that James is playing to brush points. Is that really the case
First of all, James has the most powerful physical talent in the league. The height of 2.03 makes him play from No. 1 to No. 5. The older one can't carry him faster than him. He has a jumping height of more than 110cm, has a strong ability to complete under the basket, and is stable in shooting and three-point shooting. The development of long-distance three-point ability increased the difficulty of defending himHow can I brush flowers when playing basketball
The card comes out. There is a chance. Look at the Internet speed. There are many people. Less people. First buy a speaker, then hang a cable, and then go online. You can try. The probability of success is very low
What do you know about basketball skills
Practice every basic skill well and pay attention to practicality. The basic personal skills of basketball include passing, running, throwing, jumping, defending and rebounding. Of course, basketball is the final score. Whoever scores more will win the game. The only way to score is to shoot or free throw. Shooting is the most important skill in basketballWhat is brush ball when playing basketball
In fact, some players pay great attention to their personal data. In order to improve their data, they deliberately create such opportunities in the game. It is more common to brush points, which also means to brush rebounds. Some players see that they are one rebounder short of three doubles at the end of the gameI just started playing basketball. How to brush the board if I can't play basketball
The key to rebounding is blocking. You should develop the awareness of blocking just when you start playing basketball, that is, before your opponent or teammate takes the shot, you should block to a position suitable for rebounding under the basket, and try to block the person who grabs the backboard with you away from the basket, so that you can get the backboard more easily. Be careful to move too much, or it will be a foulWhich NBA players publicly brush data
I believe everyone who likes playing basketball knows the NBA. Each of us has his own favorite players. There are many players in the NBA who are very concerned about their own data. Because for them, high data means their own strength. In fact, for most playersWhat is the blueboard in basketball
During the competition on the basketball court, in order to reflect the level of the players, it is usually reflected by various data, such as scores, rebounds, hit rate, assists, steals, blocks, etc; Sometimes athletes do it deliberately in order to obtain or improve certain data. For example, they do not directly throw the ball that can be hit, but deliberately hit the backboard first to grab itCan I brush my teeth after playing basketball
You can brush your teeth after playing basketball, but you'd better wait until the body temperature returns to normal after rest. The reason is just like that you can't take a bath immediately after sweating; In fact, the best time to brush yoPlay basketball brush  practice a little fakeur teeth in a day is half an hour after each meal (or after eating food). In this way, after the residual substances of food are removed, the teeth are not easy to breed bacteriaHow to score basketball
Do you play games or do you really play? I doPlay basketball brush  practice a little faken't understand! If you are really playing basketball, you should pay attention to whetPlay basketball brush  practice a little fakeher your shooting posture is correct or not, and whether the timing of shooting is acPlay basketball brush  practice a little fakecurate. The main thing is to practice more. NBA players should shoot at least 1000 times a day. If you practice by yourself, you should first divide 5 from the three-point line
Play basketball brush practice a little fake

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