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Campus basketball competition

Playing basketball with one kidney

2022-06-23 05:14Campus basketball competition
Summary: I used to be a patient with kidney disease. Can I play basketball now? Before reducing turbidity pills, jinshuikang used 5Playing basketball is an intense sport. In view of your physical condition, yo
I used to be a patient with kidney disease. Can I play basketball now? Before reducing turbidity pills, jinshuikang used 5
Playing basketball is an intense sport. Playing basketball with one kidneyIn view of your physical condition, you should not play basketball. You can do some other sports, such as billiards
Is it good for teenagers with kidney deficiency to play basketball every day
Yes, the sports meet can promote metabolism and blood circulation and detoxify. Playing basketball outdoors and basking in the sun will increase kidney yang qi. The Yang Qi of the human body is exposed by natural sunlight. Western medicine is called calcium supplement. These methods are all to strengthen the muscles and bones, which belong to the kidneyI have kidney disease. Can I still play basketball
It's better not to fight. Strenuous exercise will hurt your body. Besides, you can still fight after your kidney disease is cured. Don't fight once the injury is cured. You need to recover for a long time. Otherwise, it's easy to relapse
WithPlaying basketball with one kidneyout a kidney, can you still do strenuous exercise and play basketball
If you don't have a kidney but your body is still strong, why not? Basketball is a very passionate and fun sport. If you like basketball, it is a good thing. I enjoy it very much. But you should consider the weight of body and basketball. If you are in poor health, give up. It depends on the situationCan a girl dance with one kidney
Better not jump. Dancing is still very strenuous and is not recommended. Do something else
A congenital kidney can play basketball
One kidney has certain influence on sports ability, but it's OK to throw basketball by yourself, as long as you don't do strenuous exerciseCan one kidney still play basketball
In my opinion, sports mainly depend on how you play! Many people with only one kidney live as well as the other two! So think so much! Fight if you want! Exercise is only good for your healthCan I play basketball after kidney transplantation? How long will it take if I can
Yes, but it depends on how your body recovers after three years. C mourning of the heat had a kidney transplant three years ago. After a year of training, he still works as C in the heat, and he is now 34What sports can a single kidney do
You can learn, but don't be a professional, because he can't exercise too much
... My health has become very poor. I used to be in good health. I play basketball and run very strong
It's impossible,! The kidney is the main power of our energy and spirit. You can't even do heavy work in the future. It's a lifelong thing. I'm curious about what caused you to Playing basketball with one kidneyhave your kidney removed
Playing basketball with one kidney

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