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I want to play basketball, Aaron Guo

2022-06-23 00:14Campus basketball competition
Summary: Guoallen's personal dataIn 2010, Aaron Guo made a great success in the U17 World Youth Basketball Championship, winning the scoring champion with an average of 22.4 points per game, and led the Chi
Guoallen's personal data
In 2010, Aaron Guo made a great success in the U17 World Youth Basketball Championship, winning the scoring champion with an average of 22.4 points per game, and led the Chinese team to the seventh best score in historyHow about Aaron Guo's playing skills? Why is he called Guo Yifen
(in the first game, I played Ivory Coast with 17 points and 9 assists, Poland with 6 points and 4 assists, Venezuela with 1 point, South Korea with 16 points and 5 assists, and Nigeria with 2 points and 2 assists.) This is Guo, who enjoys the title of "the first point guard in Asia" and is known as the leader after Yi JianlianHow much influence does Aaron Guo have in Chinese basketball
Aaron Guo makes a circle with his strength in basketball! Aaron Guo has the second highest influence, and the National Games has conquered everyone with its heroic performance. In the past, there were always some fans called Aaron Guo "guowanghong". In the eyes of those netizens, Aaron was undoubtedly a synonym for "not doing business". It means thatAaron Guo appeared in the entertainment program "I want to play basketball" after the world cup. What would you say
After the men's Basketball World Cup, Aaron Guo's performance was criticized and criticized by many fans. As expected, the first control guard in Asia has a bad reputation and is vulnerable to attack! To this end, Aaron Guo disappeared for a period of time, avoiding the pressure of public opinion. He was photographed by the media as thin and depressed when eating with his friendsAaron Guo will continue to be absent from CBA games due to a cold. What is Aaron Guo's record in previous CBA games_ Hundred
In particular, his gorgeous playing style, often tit for tat with foreign aid, and humorous offline interviews have made him gain great popularity. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the star player with everyone. From a family background, he loved basketball since childhood. Aaron Guo plays basketball from his family. His father is a basketball fan hiI want to play basketball, Aaron GuomselfHis ruling power far exceeds that of Lin Shuhao. What is Aaron Guo's basketball strength
His ruling power is far beyond that of Lin Shuhao. Aaron Guo's basketball strength is very strong. Who is the first point guard of the Chinese men's basketball team? There is no doubt that it was Aaron Kwok. After 22 days of immersion, Aaron Kwok staged the return of the king. In the 38 minutes of playing time, he made 16 of 21 shots and scored 40 points, 3 rebounds and 10 assistsAaron Kwok is back. How about his basketball ability
Aaron Guo is back. His basketball strength iI want to play basketball, Aaron Guos excellent in China. He is now the top point guard I want to play basketball, Aaron Guoin China. Guoallen, born in 1993, is a Chinese male basketball player and point guard in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province. He currently plays for Liaoning Hengrun Feibao basketball club. Won the CBA championship onceDid the most real Aaron Guo have a complete showdown in the face of cyber violence
But even so, Aaron Guo still has no complaints. His love for basketball has never changed, so that when Martins put Aaron Guo on the bench, the latter said the first sentence: I want to play basketball. It is because of the dedication to basketball that Liaoning men's basketball team was able to fall behind by nearly 20 points in the first three quartersAsk for information about guoallen, a Chinese men's basketball player
Chinese Name: guoallan Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Han birthplace: Liaoning date of birth: November 14, 1993 sports event: I want to play basketball, Aaron Guobasketball team: Liaoning Panpan main Awards: U17 World Youth Championship score Wang Yaqing MVP important events: 16 years old selected for the national team jersey number: 13Coach, I want to play basketball. Who said that
If you want to play basketball, you can apply here. Maybe you weren't there before. But you can play basketball first. It's OK to talk to the coach
I want to play basketball, Aaron Guo

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