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Campus basketball competition

Playing basketball

2022-06-28 16:03Campus basketball competition
Summary: It's really urgent!!! About English tutoring!! Good answer plus more than 20 pointsEach jump is transformed into different side idols, which are wrapped in Bree, as if they are dead. The wet bird g
It's really urgent!!! About English tutoring!! Playing basketballGood answer plus more than 20 points
Each jump is transformed into different side idols, which are wrapped in Bree, as if they are dead. The wet bird guohong'an has engraved his sentence and serial number on the bunks and rafters, and the year-old transfer ha ha
╭ (╯ 3 ╮ system) ╮, pro, list several popular animation names and leading characters recently. Thank you
Attacking giant) allenlyville San Li sunspot's basketball) sunspot zhe also Huoshen big me free!) Matsuoka, Lin, Qi, Lai, Yao, the other side of the realm) on the future of Lishan, the autumn man of Shenyuan, the bullet theory is broken.) these are the most popular ones in the fog cutting sound... Send it again if you want a new oneI'm the 026 warehouse in the special forces. Why do many people want to go there
The 026 warehouse claims that although it is a logistics warehouse, it trains real special forces. To put it bluntly, all the commandos come from the 026 warehouse. In the special forces, the reason why they want to go there is because it is actually the place where the strongest people can goIntroduction to the role of zero second shot
He took part in the draft because of the announcement that Jizong announced that he would become a full member of the earth team with a contract fund of 100million yuan, and qualified to enter. But it is qualified as a member of the "next generation" expected in the future. When I was still on the street, I would find adult opponents to challenge basketbalPlaying basketballl to make money. Although he is 14 years old, he is a man with rare talentsAsk for cartoons like strawberry 100%/ cool wind / pure hearted landlord Qiao tenant
The trump card in the basketball department is 4 times. Pick me up on a motorcycle. Because the appearance end is very popular among girls, it is more famous because it is regarded as a favorite object than LV Mei. However, he doesn't care about the girl's sight, only considers Nai Hua. As both father and grandmother died, mother went out to workWho knows who the basketball star is? High score for help
Sit and wait for an expert
Japanese nursing film. There are two main characters in the film. They wear pink uniforms to take care of the injured. They play the opening photo in two parts
In the second half of his sophomore year, "karma" appeared. He began to fall asleep and was exhausted in five minutes playing basketball. By the time he was a junior, he could not read the textbooks and could not finish his studies. Now we basically sleep 24 hours a day. We are basically useless. This is the result of excessive depletion. I also know a classmateWho iPlaying basketballs this guy from the slam dunk team
Nanxiang Koichiro position: center number: grade 15: introduction to grade 1: the super newcomer of jinjiuwu, although he has quite good strength, is very lazy. He claims to be a super star who surpasses Liuchuanfeng. He is a very smelly guy, but he is very cute. His strength is also very strong! Play basketball because you want to attract girls' attentionWho is Xiangbei's No. 14 player among the dunk masters
Mitsui ~ shooting guard
With a certain foundation, who can help me with the special training of basketball in the summer vacation (high score Playing basketballkneeling)
About so many, who can help me, in the summer special training, I don't want to play basketball is always despised!! At least I can be the main force in the class. Our class is the last class in the whole grade. I will add anything I need. Please help me. I'm not Ren Guanglei. I'm 19 years old. I'm a freshman. I guess I can't grow up. But I haven't been learning basketball for a long time
Playing basketball

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